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Gift Certificates

Why do massages make the perfect gift?                  BUY NOW
After hectic last minute shopping trips, long work hours, and very little time to relax, your body is exhausted. What it needs more than anything else is a massage. What could be better than receiving a gift certificate on Christmas morning promising not only well deserved relaxation time but also the opportunity for your body to feel better than it has in years.

How can I get a Gift Certificate from Zen Massage Center?      BUY NOW

In just a few simple steps you can create your own personalized gift certificate for  yourself, your friends, or your family.


1. Decide how you want to send your gift certificate (email, print, mail delivery)

2. Choose an amount (starting at $50) or a service (25 minutes and up) This information  
    will appear on your gift certificate.

3. Customize your gift certificate (pick a design, include a message, etc.)

4. Enter credit card and billing information

5. At this point you can either cancel your order, include a promotional  code for 
    additional discounts, or go back to change your order.

6. Confirm your order 
                                                     BUY INSTANT GIFT CERTIFICATES

It takes just a few moments to have the perfect gift for your loved  ones. If, for any reason, the recipient can not use the gift certificate, it can be transferred. Also, do not worry if your gift certificate has expired because we will be glad to accept it anyway if you call to make an appointment. 

TESTIMONIALS: “It's that time of the year when my husband asks me what I want for Christmas.  And once again I tell him I want a series of massages from you.  It's a no brainer!  He doesn't have to brave the malls, he doesn't have to worry about me hating the gift and returning it and best of all, I know that at least for six times in the future, I am going to feel so-o-o good.  And each time I have a massage I will think of him, his generosity and his love.” 
Thank you.


Shelley Harris

Zen Massage Center customer since 2003

As you can see, it is okay to tell your family and friends what you would like as a gift for your birthday, anniversary, or for holidays.

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